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The 4th Tau Ceti Rangers (Orkdung's Hussars) is now in recruitment phase:

We're looking for mature, scotch swilling, footie loving pilots. With a penchant for kickin' ass! 

Also looking for Veterans/Prior Service military and role playing gamer types. If you've served or you game (or both!) this is the unit you're going to want to be in.

(Casual to Hardcore gaming)
Fun and Friendship first...which leads to many victories for the Chancellor.

Looking to fill starting with Command Company and expanding out to Alpha and Bravo companies for the full Battalion.

Meetings are informal, but would like to run training sessions 7pm CST Tues/Wed (depending on work schedules.)

(Hopefully we can get some officer types in the other companies to properly slot training time for other regions)

That said all Time Zones welcome!

Command (CST, EST, Mountain, PST)

Alpha (CST, EST, Mountain, PST)

Bravo (* Possible Unit formation for Europe )

All unit members are welcome to bounce back and forth and group with other companies, the slotting of time zones is to strengthen and solidify team play and training.

Thank you for your time.


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eg. Tuesday and Thursday nights 7pm to midnight EST.